What’s a Kooyrig?

pronounced: k’uyr-eeg

In Armenian, kooyrig is an endearing term for sister.


Kooyrig not only describes the relationship between siblings- but extends deep into the social fabric of Armenian culture. The word kooyrig can be used in calling to friends, cousins, classmates and even strangers.

Kooyrigs have mutual bond of appreciation and understanding. Kooyrigs can be found in an instantaneous moment of connection at the grocery store or in a friendship that has lasted decades. 

The notion of "kooyrigs" captures the spontaneous strength and grace of Armenian women. Through generations of genocide, war, and hardship- Armenian women have persevered. Not only have they repopulated an entire country, but have simultaneously made remarkable strides in the arts, technology, medicine, and politics. They have hustled their way into the 21st century.

Yet, the women of Armenia still do not receive basic human rights. The reality is, our kooyrigs are being subjected to abuse- from the government and their own people.

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