Equal Pay




The difference in average wages of men and women in Armenia is among the largest compared to countries in Europe and Central Asia.

On average, women in Armenia make 20% less hourly than men. This is taking into consideration characteristics like education, age and experience.

This report on the Economics of the Gender Wage Gap in Armenia by The World Bank breaks it down.




Most women in Armenia are informally employed, in most cases - they are primarily workers on family farms.

Only 20% of Armenian women are employed in fields that are non-agricultural.

Of those with advanced education, 18% of Armenian women remain unemployed.




In rural areas, land is not registered under female names.

As a result, women lack equal access to land and other resources such as credit, farm equipment, and technical knowledge.

Rural women spend over six hours a day on household duties – longer than urban women, and twice as much compared to rural men.

This was found by the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations. Read more here.